Iconz is a boutique style band that was launched in 2013. Backed by Cayman’s leading media house, Hurley’s Media Ltd, our brand is supported by four of the islands leading radio stations, and an engaged social media and online presence.

Since our inception, Iconz has grown immensely, attracting carnival junkies from near and far who want to take their carnival experience to the next level in an isle of paradise. Being an Icon means standing out from the crowd, and that’s exactly what this band does best. The colorful and unique costumes are just one part of the experience; the rest is the energy our band exudes. As ICONZ we have a penchant for being cutting edge and maintaining a fashion-forward presentation.

Our inspiration is drawn from the beauty and diversity of a multitude of cultures represented here in the Cayman Islands. By acknowledging the power of unity and embracing the fact that our island is known as a “melting pot”, we are confident that we will be able to provide beautiful costumes and an experience that everyone will love.

Carnival will only continue to grow in popularity across the world; distinguishing ourselves as a band that cherishes quality over quantity in every aspect is of the highest importance for us. We will consistently deliver a premium experience so despite the numerous options presented to revelers; Iconz will always be their number one choice.